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PrivateVPN was founded in and currently have servers in locations. The best price on Surfshark right now is $/mo. Based on our tests, our rating for PrivateVPN is 0.

Pros and Cons

Kodi is on the verge of being the leading free online streaming site. The site has several contents, with more being uploaded every day, thus attracting millions of users looking for the latest TV shows, movies and videos. However, Kodi is blocked in some countries, thus making it inaccessible. To access geo-blocked content on Kodi, you need a VPN. Virtual Private Network (VPN) not only offers only security and anonymity but also prevents hackers and ISPs from snooping around.

With a VPN, you can stream, and listen to contents securely without fear or interruption. One option that often pops up anytime VPNs are mentioned is PrivateVPN. But is PrivateVPN ideal for Kodi? Let’s find out.

Is PrivateVPN a Great Choice for Kodi?

An ideal VPN for Kodi must offer fast streaming services and watertight protection, and PrivateVPN provides both, making it an excellent choice for Kodi. Some other features that make the VPN an ideal choice includes:


PrivateVPN operates from Sweden, a VPN-friendly location as it’s away from the five-eyes, nine-eyes and fourteen-eyes surveillance countries. This means the VPN won’t be duty-bound to share your data with third-party agents and government agencies, a testament to the VPN’s safety.

Unblocking Ability

Most streaming sites put stringent measures in place to prevent free access by users, but the best VPNs can boycott these measures. PrivateVPN efficiently unblocks sites with the most tenacious firewalls, including those used by Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix. When tested, the VPN could access Netflix, which suggests that the VPN will have no problem unblocking different channels and add-ons on Kodi, even those that are geo-blocked.


PrivateVPN enables users to stream videos using Kodi extensions with no fuss. The VPN delivers fast speed, a feature necessary for seamless and bufferless streaming. With PrivateVPN, you can stream in 4K and HD quality.

P2P Torrenting

If you want to download and upload files on torrent sites and not on Kodi, then you are just in luck, as PrivateVPN allows torrenting. It also offers fast speed to ensure you download your files swiftly.


A VPN is only as good as the security it provides, and PrivateVPN does not lack in this regard. The VPN offers robust security features. For starters, there’s a kill switch; this protects users’ data when there is a VPN downtime or disconnection. The VPN also uses AES 256-bit encryption, an uncrackable and unreadable protocol that ensures military-grade protection. It also offers IP/DNS leak protection; this ensures that your Kodi streaming sessions are anonymous, private and safe from external influence.

Server Distribution and Connectivity

The VPN offers clients on four operating systems: Mac, IOS, Android and Windows. Thus, the VPN works with Kodi on most devices. Also, PrivateVPN provides more than 100 servers across several locations. While this isn’t much, users can still connect to a nearby server and access geo-blocked contents from anywhere across the globe.


  • Fast connection speed
  • Secure connection
  • Located in a VPN-friendly zone
  • Unblocks most streaming platform


  • Small server distribution

What You Need to Set Up Private VPN On Kodi

  • A subscription to PrivateVPN
  • A device to work with Kodi (a tablet, a computer, a Fire TV Stick, a smartphone etc.)
  • Stable internet connection

How to Use PrivateVPN on Kodi

Here’s how to use PrivateVPN on Kodi:

  • Subscribe to the VPN
  • Download and install PrivateVPN. Sign into the app
  • Select a server of your choice from the list provided
  • Upon connecting to the VPN, launch Kodi and run an IP/DNS leak test
  • If no leak is detected, then you have successfully connected

How to Install PrivateVPN on Kodi

There are several ways to install a VPN on Kodi; this depends on your device. Such methods include:

Method 1: Installing PrivateVPN on your router

Method 2: Using a VPN on a Tablet or Android phone

Method 3: Using a PrivateVPN with Kodi on Chromebox or Chromebook

Method 4: Using Kodi with PrivateVPN on iPad or iPhone

Method 5: Using PrivateVPN add-ons for Kodi

Method 6: Using Kodi with PrivateVPN on your computer or Mac

Method 7: Sideloading Kodi on Fire TV Stick or Amazon Fire Tv Stick with Private VPN

Let’s consider Method 6

Using Kodi with Private VPN on your PC or Mac

This is one of the easiest ways to use Kodi with a VPN. To do this, follow the steps outlined:

  • Install PrivateVPN on your laptop or desktop
  • Install the VPN on the computer by following the prompts
  • Go to and install the right app for your OS



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