CyberGhost VPN Review

CyberGhost VPN was founded in and currently have servers in locations. The best price on Surfshark right now is $/mo. Based on our tests, our rating for CyberGhost VPN is 0.

Pros and Cons

Kodi is more than just a media player. With the right extensions and add-ons, you can have access to endless entertainment possibilities. With Kodi, you can stream any content of your choice, whether it’s movies or live sports broadcasts.

That said, some of the add-ons expose you to illegal content that can put you in trouble. Besides, some contents are blocked in many countries, making the streaming platform frustrating for many people. You can avoid this, though, by using a VPN.

A VPN enables you to access blocked contents and ensures your activities are anonymous and secure; this way, you won’t have any ISP or government authorities snooping into your affairs. One of the finest VPNs that’s good at its job is CyberGhost VPN, and this article explains the reasons its ideal for Kodi.

CyberGhost for Kodi Key Features

Large Server Fleet

CyberGhost VPN provides more than 7,900 servers distributed across 91 countries, including Africa, Asia, and South America. This ensures you always have a nearby server to connect to from anywhere in the world.

Also, the VPN offers dedicated servers that guarantee the best streaming experience. Enjoy super-fast speed with zero buffering; you don’t have to worry about intentional slowdowns from your ISP.

Strict Zero-Logs Policy

CyberGhost VPN is keen on protecting your privacy and keeping your secret as the VPN believes it’s your fundamental human right. The VPN has a string zero-logs policy that ensures no one (including the VPN itself) is aware of your internet activities. This gives users the confidence to stream content without fear.

AES 256-bit Encryption

CyberGhost uses the most advanced data encryption system to secure your data, ensure online privacy and anonymity, and prevent hacking. This is the same encryption system used by the military and banks; this shows how safe your data is when using the VPN.

In-built Kill Switch

Sometimes, VPN connections drop, and when this happens, your data being channeled through the VPN and concealed from public eyes starts routing through your regular IP address, and this could be dangerous as you are at risk of hacking DDoS attack and ISP speed throttling.

But a VPN with a kill switch prevents this from happening. Fortunately, CyberGhost VPN has an in-built kill switch. The kill switch automatically kicks in when your connection drops, protecting your data from leakage.

Wi-fi Protection

Connecting to a public wi-fi is all well and good until your data leaks, you get bombarded with tons of ads, or you have your ISP looking into your activities. But CyberGhost prevents this from happening by providing automatic wi-fi protection. So, even when you are connected to public wi-fi, you are well protected.


CyberGhost VPN provides unequaled flexibility. With just one subscription, you can connect as many as seven devices simultaneously.

The VPN also comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee, which is way more than other VPNs offer.

Complete Package

You can choose the plan that works best for you. The VPN charges $12.99 per month for its 1-month plan, while its 2-years plan goes for $3.25 per month. Also, its three years + 4 months plan goes for $2.23 per month.

Each package you subscribe for has access to tons of servers, IP and DNS leak protection, IKEv2, WireGuard, and OpenVPN protocols, and unlimited traffic and bandwidth, among others.

Great support

CyberGhost VPN is always ready to help. The VPN has a 24/7 live chat support system to help you troubleshoot and answer any questions or queries.


  • Works on all devices, including Mac, IOS, PC, Android, and so on
  • Allows you to connect up to 7 devices simultaneously with one subscription
  • Strict zero-logs policy
  • Has a large server distribution


  • The servers are not so fast

How to Install CyberGhost VPN for Kodi

Kodi works across several devices and operating systems, and each system’s VPN installation is different. For instance, if you are using an Android phone, Mac, iPhone, or Windows device, you need to download and install the CyberGhost VPN app that matches the device you are running the Kodi on.

After this, open and launch the VPN and connect to a server of your choice from a location where the Kodi add-on isn’t blocked. Next, open the Kodi and begin to stream contents securely.

The installation process for a set-top box such as OpenELEC, LibreELEC, Raspberry Pi, or Smart TV is trickier. It involves many steps you will have to follow to get it right. You will have to first configure OpenVPN before setting up the VPN.



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