How to Use Kodi

How to Use Kodi

Kodi is an open-source, free media streaming tool with many personalized functions and add-ons. It’s become the go-to media player for many people seeking to have all their media content in one interface. This article discusses how to use Kodi and why it’s necessary to use Kodi with a VPN.

How to Use Kodi

To use Kodi, start by downloading and installing it in a preferred format. Kodi is easy and fast to install, and every time you do a new thing, the software provides a one-time mini-tutorial, ensuring users easily pick up the basics.

To get the best of Kodi, you need to download add-ons. These add-ons include Tubi TV, PopcornFlix, Crackle, Classic Cinema, BBC iPlayer, and many more. To install an add-on you have downloaded, head to the Kodi homepage, locate ‘system,’ and click on ‘settings’.

Next, click on ‘add-ons’ and then select ‘install from zip file’. From here, you can select the zip from where it’s been pre-saved. However, there’s no need to extract the zip file beforehand, as the streaming tool does it for you during installation.

Playing any media on Kodi is as easy as surfing through the storage location of your device. The streaming tool has an in-built Universal Plug and Play server, and by hitting play, you can begin to stream contents. Like Apple TV, Kodi is designed for a 10-foot user interface; this makes it easy to view contents and browse folders.

How To Watch a Movie on Kodi

  1. Install Kodi from its official website
  2. At this point, the library will contain zero add-ons. Begin by clicking on ‘add-ons’ in the menu
  3. Select ‘download’ from the menu
  4. From the Kodi repositories list, locate and click on ‘video add-ons.’
  5. Select a preferred add-on. For example, Crackle
  6. Click ‘install’
  7. Click on ‘ok’ and allow the installation process to finish
  8. Locate all the add-ons in the ‘add-ons’ part on the Kodi home page

How To Watch Movies on Kodi by Uploading Them from Your Computer

Kodi is like every other media player. Therefore it allows you to watch movies from your computer by uploading them. To do this, follow the outlined steps below:

  1. From the Kodi homepage, scroll down to locate videos
  2. Click on ‘files.’
  3. Select ‘add videos’
  4. Next, click on ‘browse.’
  5. Locate the video file you wish to play and click on ‘ok.’
  6. Tap ‘ok’ again to finish

Now you have uploaded your file from your computer to Kodi. You can organize and personalize your video library by renaming files, creating playlists, adding thumbnails, editing features, etc.

Using a VPN with Kodi: Is it necessary?

While you can still stream content on Kodi, using a VPN gives you more advantages and makes things easier. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is needed for Kodi as it encrypts your network, ensuring your data is secure, safe, and anonymous.

Here are other benefits of using a VPN with Kodi

  • Helps You Browse and Stream Privately

ISPs have the right to collect information about users’ browsing habits and internet activities, and sometimes what they see are things that could land you in trouble. But a VPN prevents this from happening, as it masks your IP address, making your online activities undetectable. With this, you can stream, download, and browse the internet without anyone the wiser.

  • Stops Network Throttling

Internet throttling is a significant concern for internet users in many countries (the USA, for instance). Owing to imposed laws, many ISPs slow down internet connection; this is done to improve the overall network performance. With a VPN, you don’t have to worry about internet throttling; this, in turn, ensures speed and uninterrupted streaming.

  • Safe Torrenting

Some third-party add-ons often use torrents to provide contents. Some of these torrents are malware-infested, and many are illegal. While we do not encourage you to share or download copyrighted materials, a VPN can help ensure you torrent safely and securely. With a VPN, malware will not find a way into your system, and you can torrent endlessly without fear of sanction.

  • Access Streaming Sites and Unblock Restricted Regions

Some countries have strict geo-blocks, the same with many streaming sites. Without a VPN, you won’t be able to access your favorite shows and content, especially when you are abroad. However, with the VPN, you can easily bypass these geo-blocks and censorships. With a VPN, there are no limitations, no country you can’t access, and no content you can’t stream.

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