How to Build Your Own Kodi Box?

How to Build Your Own Kodi Box?

The Kodi streaming tool is a highly-powered but bare-bone multimedia player enhanced by its robust add-on infrastructure. You can choose to install the Kodi add-ons one after the other or install the Kodi build and save yourself the stress.

A Kodi builds a library of all the popular add-ons and has a unique one to give Kodi a different feel, look, and experience. If you find it challenging to install Kodi on a streaming device such as Android, iPhone, Apple TV, Raspberry Pi, or Amazon Firestick, a Kodi build can take the frustration off your hands. A Kodi build is an excellent way to access customized settings and specialized skins without having to work so hard.

This article discusses how to build your own Kodi box, and some of the best Kodi builds available.

What is a Kodi Box

Simply put, a Kodi box is an internet TV box designed basically for use with the Kodi app. There are many ways to build a Kodi box, but the most common is using Raspberry Pi. A Raspberry Pi is a mini-computer positioned around an Arm processor, which allows you to configure the arm processor at great speed.

Building Your Own Kodi Box

The process of building a Kodi box is relatively straightforward. The Raspberry Pi operating system installer NOOBS features two known Kodi distributions: OSMC and LibreELEC.

To start with, you will need to download NOOBS into a memory card. Raspberry Pi advises users to use an SD card with a transfer rate as fast as 100mb/s or even higher to ensure an optimal video playback. However, below downloading, you will need to format the memory card to FAT32. Raspberry Pi has a tutorial to put you through. So, if you don’t know how to download NOOBS to an SD card, you should read it up.

After installing NOOBS, plug your SD card into the Raspberry Pi and allow it to load. Next, choose either OSMC or LibreELEC to install Kodi. Upon confirmation, you are ready to go. The above methods should work, but if none of the methods work for your device, then you have work to do. It’s possible to install, but there are limitations to patented operating systems. However, if your device uses a standard operating system, then you can exploit the available loopholes.

Best Kodi Builds

The best Kodi builds have an excellent user interface for Kodi and provide an overall great experience. This Kodi builds include:

  1. No Limits Magic Build

Unlike other Kodi builds, No Limits Magic Build allows you to install onto any preexisting build. Hence you don’t have to delete already installed add-ons. No Limit Magic comes in various flavors, including the one that features adult contents and one that does not. The build also has a lite and full version.

The build contains sections for sports, movies, Live TV, Tv shows, and many more. No Limits Magic runs on the Aeon Nox Silvio skin, which can be downloaded and installed separately from the developer.

  • MisFit Mods Lite Build

MisFit Mods has the most exquisite design, with a highly specialized format making it easy for users to access the best features Kodi offers. MisFit is readily available in the MisFit Mods Wizard. When installing in a device with limited resources, (for instance, Amazon Firestick), ensure to choose a lite version; this will make for speedy upload.

  • Doomsday: The Small Build

There are various builds are available in Doomsday, but one of the most common is The Small Build. The Small Build is a lightweight but nice Kodi build with a simple design and a limited number of add-ons. It is also customizable; the menu is adjustable, and there are many wallpaper add-ons.

  • Breezz Lite

Breezz Lite is customizable and remote-friendly. If you don’t like its unique red color, you can easily change the colors from the skin settings menu. The build also allows you to switch the content your add-on shows and give each item a custom background. The build only features a handful of copyrighted add-ons. Hence it’s easy to remove and refresh.

  • Blue Twilight

Blue Twilight has a clean design and organized tabs making it look like a video-on-demand service. There’s a drop-down data panel each time you approach a title. The build allows users to customize the display.

While the build has some copyrighted add-ons, these are easily removable. Besides, you can install the build over another; this way; you can keep both add-ons.

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